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The Edge T100 packs maximum performance in minimum space. It features a unique compact design for working anywhere with full-size workstation-class components.

This is a cutting-edge solution like no other high-performance workstation-capable system. It’s built from the ground up for demanding professional applications such as broadcasting, content creation, software development and much more. Whether your workspace is limited, or you need to be able to set up anywhere in a snap, the Edge T100 lets you power through these tasks wherever you need to be.

Take this versatility further by offering customization and integration of components to fit your needs. If you need latest engineering workstation class graphics card or cards, GPU processing, or other processor acceleration PCI Express cards, we have you covered.

Edge Datasheet

Edge T100 Datasheet

Key Features

  • Connector.

    Compact form factor

    Small tower footprint, takes up minimum space

  • Connector.

    Incredible Processing Power

    Up to 44 Intel Xeon CPU cores – up to 88 processing threads

  • Connector.

    PCI Express Expansion

    Support for multiple full-size PCI Express cards, including graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD

  • Connector.

    Massive Storage

    Range of internal storage options including PCI Express card based SSDs and SATA based SSDs for increased I/O performance

  • Connector.

    Application Support

    We work directly with our customers every day to ensure that our computers meet their unique requirements

System Specs

Available CPUs Single or dual Intel® Xeon or single Intel® Core­™ i7
Memory Up to 512GB DDR4 RAM
Motherboard ATX or CEB form factors
Note: removable drives only availble with ATX motherboards
PCI Expansion Up to (7) full-length PCI Express 3.0 slots. Card lengths are subject to the following:

  • With 600W PSU – Single-slot cards in PCI Express slot 1 (nearest the CPU) can be up to 12.83” in length (without removable drives. Configurations with removable drives up to 11”), all other cards can be up to 10.50” in length
  • With 800W PSU – Cards in PCI Express slots are limited to 9″ in length
Storage Up to (3) fixed 3.5” SATA/SAS hard drives, up to 10TB each

  • -and- up to (4) no-tools-removable 2.5” SATA or SATA SSD hard drives (up to 2TB each) and up to (2) additional fixed 2.5” SATA/SAS/SATA SSD hard drives (up to 2TB each)
  • -or- up to (6) additional fixed 2.5” SATA/SAS/SATA SSD drives (up to 2TB each)
RAID Onboard SATA RAID 0/1/5/10, or via add-on PCIe RAID controller
Operating Systems
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 Pro/Ultimate, Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate, Windows 2012 or 2016 server
  • CentOS, Red Hat and other Linux distributions
  • VMWare and vSphere
Power 600W or 800W 110/220V, 50/60Hz auto-switching 80 PLUS rated power supply

  • Note: See “PCI Expansion” above for limits to PCI card length based on chosen power supply.
Physical 6.67” (169.41mm) D  x  16.75” (425.45mm) W  x  13.69” (347.73mm) H
Carrying Cases
  • Optional soft carrying case
  • Optional hardened case and rolling transit case available
Warranty 3 years parts and labor

Get the Edge

To learn how the Edge T100 can be integrated into your infrastructure, call a NextComputing Sales Engineer at 1-603-886-3874 or click here to contact us online.