NextComputing Announces its Own Web Store Featuring Edge Creative Workstation

NextComputing, renowned designers of innovative, incredibly small workstations for the creative professional community, proudly announces its own web store. Multiple configurations from its Edge line of creative, high-performance workstations are now available for online purchase direct from NextComputing.

NextComputing has always responded to the needs of the creative developer community by innovating with best-in-class components in compact form factors. In August of 2017, the company announced a series of slick and small workstations based on AMD Ryzen™ processors. Among various application specific configurations available is the Edge T100 portable workstation with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 1800x processor. “You will not find a higher performing, portable creative workstation” relates Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing.

NextComputing also brought to market around that time, the Edge P100, an all-in-one workstation with an integrated 17” HD screen for laptop like portability with no sacrifice in workstation performance. The P100 is also available online in AMD Ryzen™ 7 configurations.

Both the Edge T100 and Edge P100 are available online with AMD Radeon Pro WX series graphics cards or NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce series graphics cards.

The most recent addition to the Edge line up, the Edge TR workstation, built around the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 16 core processor, is also available on NextComputing’s new web store. Edge TR was selected as Digital Engineering’s Editor’s Pick of the Week upon its initial announcement for the first week of November 2017.

“The (Edge TR) is tuned for your 3D CAD, rendering and simulation mavens as well as for developers of other demanding stuff like virtual reality and digital content creation.” writes Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Digital Engineering. “Why the Edge TR for the 3D CAD/simulation crowd?” Anthony concludes “Software grows faster than my gut. As soon as you have a workstation that can handle it, a new version appears and you’re stressing the hardware again. The Edge TR, which is fully upgradable, should start you ahead of the [software growth] curve and enable you to keep up for a good long while.”

NextComputing’s web store offers multiple configurations starting as low as $3,963. Offerings max out with all the bells and whistles a developer could want, such as top end graphics cards from AMD RadeonPro or NVIDIA GTX GeForce.

Tech support and Sales staff are always on standby for any questions you have while you shop.

Check out the store now !!

Press Contact:
Laura Cooper
Marketing Director

*NextComputing responds to the needs of the creative developer community with innovative system designs that max out performance in minimal space. For consideration to have your complementary technology included on our web store as a turn key creative solution, please contact