NextComputing Demonstrates 360-Degree VR Workflow Solutions at NAB 2017

NextComputing will demonstrate multiple solutions for 360˚ Virtual Reality (VR) video content creation with its key industry partners at the NAB 2017 conference and exposition, April 24-27, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Innovative software developers, whose applications solve different workflow problems within the 360˚ VR video pipeline from acquisition to distribution, will be powering their demonstrations using NextComputing’s professional workstations. Visitors at NAB are encouraged to visit each exhibitor partner’s booth to educate themselves on the various aspects of 360˚ VR production.

AMD Radeon Pro – Booth SL7620

Make plans to stop by and check out the Edge VR experience for yourself on our Edge T100 VR workstation, powered by AMD Radeon Pro graphics.

Voysys VR – Booth N1214VR (AR/VR Pavilion)

One of the biggest challenges facing VR video producers is how to stitch, switch and render overlays in multi-camera productions in a simple and elegant fashion, particularly for live events when producers don’t have the benefit of cleaning up stitches in post. Voysys VR’s VR Producer excels at this by capturing a virtually unlimited number of camera feeds and giving the user a flexible interface, with both automated and manual stitching capabilities.

Not only does VR Producer streamline the stitching process, producers can create picture-in-picture videos, add titles, composite in graphics, and stream the live output to their CDN of choice. For large productions, producers can also use a mosaic view and a broadcast panel to make the switching process as easy as for any traditional 2D production

All of this is elegantly packaged in NextComputing’s Radius Live, all-in-one workstation. With its integrated display and support for high-end GPU cards and video capture devices, the Radius Live running Voysys VR Producer is an ideal turnkey solution for live 360° VR production.

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ASSIMILATE, Inc. – Booth C1052 (co-exhibit with Z CAM)

With 360˚ VR video being such a new medium, the workflows for creating this content are often convoluted and time-consuming. Producers at the forefront of the 360˚ VR movement have found ways to complete projects using multiple tools and work-arounds, but at the expense of productivity and scalability.

ASSIMILATE’s new release of SCRATCH VR Suite 8.6 solves many of these workflow problems by pulling disparate elements of 360° VR video production into a single software interface. SCRATCH VR Suite can handle the entire pipeline of 360˚ footage, including GPU-accelerated video stitching, ambisonic audio mixing, lens correction, color grading, visual effects, client review, and content packaging – from one unified platform.

ASSIMILATE SCRATCH VR Suite is available on NextComputing’s entire line of compact and portable workstations, including the new Edge T100 mini-tower system to be unveiled at NAB.

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Torus Media Labs – Booth N1018VR (AR/VR Pavilion)

As new producers delve into the 360˚ VR video medium, much of the content is of a relatively simple nature compared to traditional “flat” video. The little visual effects that are used are mostly limited to object removal and camera corrections, yet the visual storytelling possibilities within VR can be tremendous when artists have the right tools. Torus Media Labs is making its NAB debut by showcasing CANVAS 360™, a revolutionary software toolset for bringing visual effects workflows into the VR realm.

CANVAS 360™ is especially valuable for Adobe After Effects users, by creating a full 360˚ “canvas” within After Effects. Its comprehensive feature set gives artists powerful tools like 360˚ camera tracking, stabilization, compositing, picture-in-picture, and the ability to customize the “front” perspective in any project.

CANVAS 360™ Pro can output up to 8K resolution, a capability made possible by NextComputing’s workhorse Edge T100 workstations, featured at the Torus Media Labs booth at NAB.

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To see any of these solutions in action, please visit the respective partner booths at NAB 2017, or contact NextComputing directly at