Combined Solutions

Adobe After Effects screenshot

Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Edge creative solutions are optimized for Adobe Premier and After Effects so you can jump into the world of video editing and special effects from anywhere.

AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards

AMD Radeon Pro Graphics

Take your creative development to a new level of performance with the Edge series of workstations and AMD Radeon™ Pro professional-grade graphics cards.

Professional grade processors from AMD

AMD Processors

Utilize the streamlined Edge platform and AMD’s newest workstation-class processors to power through your creative workflow.

Edge workstation with, ASSIMILATE SCRATCH VR Suite, and Z CAM

Assimilate Scratch VR Suite

With Assimilate, developers of the SCRATCH suite production tools, and Z CAM, makers of high-quality and affordable 360 cameras, we offer a turnkey system for professional 360 VR production.

Avid Media Composer screenshot

Avid Media Composer

Jump into the world of special effects editing and 360˚ VR video by making Edge and the world renowned Avid Media Composer editing software part of your workflow.

Davinci Resolve interface screenshot

Davinci Resolve

Edge is ideal for the Davinci Resolve editing, color correction, audio, and post production workflow; so you know right away that you’re getting the right system to power your creative process.

UI screenshots from Maxon Cinema 4D

Maxon Cinema 4D

Whether you want to work with a portable all-in-one system with integrated display, or a sleek, compact tower, all Edge systems provide the smoothest experience running Cinema 4D.



Edge Workstations with the latest NVIDIA RTX™ graphics cards make the ultimate high-speed creation stations. Let us build the NVIDIA RTX GPU solution for your unique workflow.

produced utilizing Octane Render

Octane Render

Special effects and 360VR workflows with the Edge and Octane Render GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct render system make it easy to build amazing content.

Red Camera Weapon

Red Camera Weapon

Edge Creative Solutions are optimized for Red Camera software workflows. With support for a variety of editing suites, shooting and editing RAW has never been this easy.

UI screenshots from Torus' Canvas 360 Pro

Torus Canvas 360 Pro

Edge and CANVAS 360 Pro provide an all-in-one package that enables users to composite 360˚ footage / renders together with traditional After Effects layers and non-360˚ footage / renders.

Edge and Wacom Cintiq

Wacom Cintiq

Flawless creating anywhere you need to design or display with zero lag. With support for a variety of creation suites, Edge optimizes the performance of Cintiq pen displays so your creativity flows freely.

Virtual Reality (VR)

immersive video

Immersive Video

Edge has the lightning-fast processing needed for for tasks like 3D camera tracking, 360˚ stabilization and 360° compositing, all while providing smooth performance for the VR application of your choice.

computer generated vr

Computer Generated VR

The Edge workstation is configured with all the performance needed to run the latest VR content creation applications with a laser focus on lightning-fast throughput architecture and rigorous internal testing for reliability.


Media / Entertainment

3d digital computer generated content

3D Digital Content

Work fast and fluidly with your favorite 3D modeling and animation tools. Edge systems speed up your process without sacrificing performance with a high clock speed, powerful GPU and snappy storage, exactly what you need to optimize your creations.

video post production

Video Post Production

Edge systems answer the call for the processing performance, graphics power, and storage you need for a smooth editing, color grading/mastering and visual effects workflow in a sleek, compact system that makes an impression as unique as your work.


Engineering / Manufacturing

product design & manufacturing

Product Design & Manufacturing

The best system is the one built to match your workflow. Edge systems are built to offer the smoothest performance in applications like Autodesk and SolidWorks

computer aided engineering and simulation


The Edge has everything you need for an ideal computer-aided-engineering tool: high-performance processors for heavy data management, workstation-class graphics, and massive storage.



digital arts education

Digital Arts

The Edge is optimized for the professional creative applications that digital arts students will need to master. The solution allows students to work in class, at home, or anywhere they need to be.